Magic Words to Change Your Life

What if love, fame and fortune were just a WORD away? Forget affirmations, author claims that changing your vocabulary could make you richer and healthier
By Emily Hodgkin / Daily Mail

Imagine if finding your car keys, becoming rich or making your children behave themselves was as easy as saying a word in your head.
Author Liz Dean claims that by using a specific set of vocabulary in your head it is possible to do just that.
It sounds something from the magical world of Harry Potter but she suggests all this is possible in the book ‘Switch Words’.

According to Liz's book, using a certain vocabulary in your head can bring about positive changes in your life, including health and prosperity.

Unlike commonly used affirmations, switch words are intended to work with the subconscious to trigger physical, gut instinct responses.

The author, who also runs workshops on tarot card reading, gives Angelic Reiki healing and is the co-editor of spiritual magazine ‘Kindred Spirit’, says: ‘Switchwords are a series of chants that penetrate the subconscious mind, giving an individual the ability to grasp at their strongest desires, no matter how impossible they seem.

These specially designated, ordinary words can have amazing results, on your money, career, health, creativity and relationships.

She says: ‘Switchwords are words in our everyday language that ‘switch on’ our subconscious mind.

The subconscious controls a staggering 95 perc ent of our actions and decisions, so to make changes in our lives, we need to talk directly to this powerful part of us.

Liz claims, for example, that if you are looking something you have lost, saying the word ‘reach’ 10 times in your head may trigger and impulse or image in your head as to where you left it.
Similarly chanting the word ‘together’ internally, Liz says, can help you to realign your subconscious and conscious mind, helping to combat mental blocks.
But it’s not just your own mental outlook you can affect with these switch words.

According to the author one woman has used the technique to have her son’s lost luggage returned.
Another woman used the chants when he daughter-in-law’s car was stolen and – miraculously – it was recovered by police.

Famous neurologist Sigmund Freud introduced the term ‘switch-words’ in 1905, but it Chicago-based ad man, James T Mangan, devised the first list of Switchwords.

Since Mangan’s research published in his 1963 book The Secret of Perfect Living, the list of Switchwords has grown.

Thanks to Liz there are now more than 200 Switchwords in circulation, which she says anyone can harness to manifest their goals.


The Five Essential Switchwords for Every Day

1 TOGETHER: the master switchword, bringing you TOGETHER as one - so your conscious and subconscious beliefs are aligned. Prefix your Switchwords with TOGETHER, and you also empower the Switchwords that follow: so, you could chant, TOGETHER-COUNT (bring me more income). Chant TOGETHER, and you’ll also begin to sense what’s blocking you.

2 REACH is like the ‘find’ function on your computer, helping you find lost objects - and also inspiration!

3 DIVINE brings you a miracle. Chant: TOGETHER-DIVINE

4 BE-DONE – to speed up a request – add it to the end of any Switchword phrase, such as TOGETHER-DIVINE-COUNT-BE-DONE

5 DIVINE ORDER to put anything in order; to organise; also, helps you pack for a trip Work and Money

Source: Daily Mail
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