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The Reconnection is a comprehensive spectrum of vibrational frequencies with the power to catalyze spontaneous healings. Embodying universal intelligence that surpasses technique and technology, these frequencies are accessible to those who encounter it, regardless of spiritual orientation or prior experience with healing. Across the world, everyday people have transformed into extraordinary healing facilitators, by learning how to apply these frequencies in service to those in need.

The Reconnection is the umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe, which allows Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth brought in via a spectrum of light and information. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect. This is something new. This is different. This is real–and it can be entrained in each of us.

Dr Eric Pearl is the acknowledged instrument through which The Reconnection is unfolding and being introduced to the world. 

He ran a highly successful chiropractic practice in California for 12 years until one day in 1993, when his patients began seeing angels and reporting miraculous healing from numerous conditions including cancers, birth disfigurements, Cerebral Palsy, and AIDS-related diseases.  The work of The Reconnection  had begun. Nowadays, Dr Pearl tours and teaches worldwide, activating people’s innate healing abilities, graduating thousands of Practitioners who successfully facilitate these healings in their own right. 

The difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is basically one of intent. The intent of Reconnective Healing is essentially that of healing, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or on any other level. And, of course, to achieve the degree of healing brought forth via Reconnective Healing, you will, to some extent, experience reconnection as part of the process. It’s this “Reconnection” that allows Reconnective Healing to be so dramatically more comprehensive than the healing “techniques” we’ve had up until now.
The intent of The Reconnection is to bring us into the fullness of our inherent connection with the universe. This is done via a two-session experience, commonly referred to as receiving your Reconnection. And, of course, to achieve the degree of reconnection brought fourth via The Reconnection, you will, to some extent, experience healing as part of the process.
And, although the two are not completely separate processes, to obtain the full benefits of each, your Reconnective Healing sessions and your Reconnection sessions are to be experienced on separate occasions.

We all have the ability to carry these new frequencies of healing. It’s not a gift for a few chosen people — gurus or “holy” (by general consensus) men or women. It’s a gift of this time; the intelligence and wisdom we need to guide us is already in place. These frequencies are both old and new. They are “old” because they are of the universe. They are “new” because this is the first time that they’ve been on the planet. They are not something that someone’s friend at the beach has been “ohming” in for 15 years nor are they some lost technique of an old or ancient people. They are believed to be frequencies that we are experiencing on the Earth for the very first time.

Although the universe, for some reason, chose to “seed” Eric Pearl with this energy to begin the process of frequency enhancement, it seems that every day, more and more people are finding their place as part of this phenomenon. In so doing, we are raising our overall level of consciousness. Each week, Reconnective Healing is taught to hundreds of people from all over the world and from all types of backgrounds — medical and non-medical, spiritual and non-spiritual, metaphysical and non-metaphysical, new-age and non-new age. The people who learn this come from all walks of life, demographics and socioeconomic classes.

Everyone comes in at the same level no matter what his or her experience or educational background–which varies widely. The groups are approximately 50 percent male, 50 percent female. You’ll find Reiki Master Teachers and massage therapists, housewives and students, doctors and nurses, clergy members and construction workers, scientists, school teachers, computer analysts, government officials, plumbers and electricians, bankers and lawyers. And, in most seminars, you’ll also find the person who didn’t want to come sitting next to the person who brought them anyway.

The constant diversity in any given room around the world is your assurance that over the course of a weekend, the nature of this work as it applies to nearly every aspect of life is addressed. Those locked into their left brains at the beginning of the seminar have often evolved so far beyond such limitations by the end that you are left to wonder if only a day or two have really passed. And when you notice that the construction worker is functioning with the same confidence and integrity as the Reiki Master Teacher–right there in that moment–you can’t help but realize the simple beauty of this gift.

From Healing Better to Playing Better: A New Way to Achieve Peak Performance
By Doug De Vito

Have you noticed a shift going on here on the planet? Have you noticed a shift going on in your own life? Look around. It seems that we are all experiencing a tremendously powerful shift on the planet, one that is affecting everything from the weather to our socioeconomic systems and of course, our daily lives.
As humans, we often find ourselves in need of healing on all levels; emotional, physical, spiritual and mental, and we all look for ways to relax and bring our lives back into balance. We are also looking for ways to improve all of the areas of our lives, and in fact, we all probably want an edge to get ahead in our lives. Some us may even play sports or participate in competitive activities.
If any of this applies to you, then you just might like to hear that scientists are now proving that Reconnective Healing helps you not only to heal on all levels but also to significantly improve your physical energy levels and at the same time balance your emotional and mental states. The outcome of these benefits is that it seems to help everyone, including professional athletes, enter into a peak performance or “zone-like” state, where they are able to perform better on the field and off. Moreover, these expanded energy and mental functions help them to access and maximize their own physical gifts, so they can compete at higher levels, giving them an edge in sports and other competitions.
In recent studies completed in Russia with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Reconnective Healing was taught to a group of doctors, researchers, therapists and Olympic athletes.
The results were astonishing! The design of the study was such that the test subjects were given approximately just five hours of teaching and interaction with the Reconnective Healing frequencies over the course of two days. Each of the seminar attendees was measured before, during and after the experiment, with various testing methodologies, including the use of his EPC device, which measures the bio-energy fields around a person’s body. The measurements of this device are accepted in mainstream Russian medical practice and are also applied in the development of athletes for their various Olympic teams.
When Dr. Korotkov measured the attendees during the experiment, he reported that “the results were very, very strong and very, very different” than anything he had measured before in his work with the athletes. Specifically, he reported that the effects of Reconnective Healing on the athletes and their energy levels were “hugely significant”. On average, each of the athletes and test subjects experienced a significant increase in their energy levels. On average the bio-energy field increase for each person was 17% or more! Korotkov was very impressed with the results as were the athletes, who reported that they could obviously feel the frequencies and the benefits they were experiencing in their bodies.

How might this enhanced and performance work? Well the first thing you need to understand is that Reconnective Healing is a form of healing using a new spectrum of healing frequencies that consist of energy, light and information. These amazing frequencies have been researched and validated by top doctors and medical researchers worldwide. Scientists suggest that these frequencies are possibly here on the planet for the first time and that they carry the potential to help us eliminate disease on all levels, by somehow affecting our cells and our DNA.
Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing, explains that Reconnective Healing is very different from the energy healing techniques we know of today. These techniques utilize electromagnetic energy, while Reconnective Healing brings us up "to a highter level... magneto electric energy", up to ahighter dimensional level." In Reconnective Healing, "what is happening is that many kinds of energy and light are flowing through the healer and to into the athletes", not just what we were accessing before now. In other words, the Reconnective Healing frequencies bring healing "beyond just what has been classically known as energy healing into a broader spectrum of energy, light and information", a spectrum that may nor have been accessible to us prior to now. it is this spectrum that seems to allow for the healings to occur on greater levels.

What’s more, the benefits of these powerful frequencies are not just limited to helping people with disease. Studies show that they go far beyond the traditional definition of “healing” and into new realms of improving and upgrading a person’s physical being, athletic performance and mental function. These studies have also shown that the benefits from this work can affect humans on the basic level of their DNA, and perhaps through this, these new frequencies might literally be restructuring our DNA, our muscles, our tissues and skeletal system. All of this is done while at the same time it balances the athletes’ mental and emotional states, so they can simply perform better.
In the case of the Russian experiment, something extraordinary also occurred. One of the athletes arrived at the class with a broken leg and on crutches. He had broken his leg just four days before and was experiencing significant pain in it. Further, he was unable to bear any weight on that leg. During the course of the two days, he spent some time on the table and after just these few interactions with the frequencies, he was able to put away the crutches and walk without them! What’s more is that he was able to do this without any pain and shared with us that he was very much looking forward to his doctor’s appointment the next day. The doctor was amazed at the progress in the athlete and was stunned by the healing.

What impact are these and other studies on Reconnective Healing having on the scientific and medical community? Traditional science and medicine can no longer approach health and healing in the same manner as they previously have and remain in step with the rest of the world. And now, we know that the impact of Reconnective Healing is not just about healing from disease, it is about improving and upgrading your performance and your life on all levels.
This scientific exploration into the field of Reconnective Healing by Drs. Korotkov, Bill Tiller, Gary Schwartz, Ann Baldwin, Melinda Connor and others, as well as what is documented in Dr. Pearl’s internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself,  are validating the powerful effects that this new spectrum of energy, light and information are having on people. This may not only be showing us a new level of healing and performance enhancement, but it may also be opening a doorway to the next level of human evolution, where instantaneous healing and regeneration are simple, everyday facts of life. Simple, everyday miracles. Simple everyday sports performances. Said another way, Reconnective Healing turns healing into advantage, for every facet of your life.

Everyone Can Be a Healer, and Everyone Can Upgrade Their Life
To date, Eric Pearl and his staff at The Reconnection have trained over 70,000 people how to do this work with practitioners in more than 70 countries. While several thousand of those trained worldwide are medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors and/or master healers, most come from non-healthcare related backgrounds and include engineers, teachers, housewives, high school students, sales personnel, attorneys, government officials, celebrities and even royalty! Dr. Pearl’s book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself  has been translated into more than 30 languages, and Reconnective Healing has been presented to a full house at Madison Square Garden and also to the United Nations. There are currently several international teams of researchers traveling the world measuring and documenting its effects. And now, athletes, including Olympians and professional athletes, are beginning to recognize its benefits as well. Everyone, from all walks of life and all age groups, are able to access this work at the highest levels. And they, and their clients, report healings and performance  enhancement, similar to those of Pearl’s own patients.

Working with these frequencies is often a life changing experience. During a seminar, you are literally “immersed” in the frequencies, and often continue to experience the healing vibrations well after the seminar has finished. Once activated by this work, your own healing and evolution continue at its own rate, every day, for the rest of your life. On the field and off.

You, too, can learn the work and gain an edge in your life, in just one weekend!

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