5-Minute Hand Exercises to Boost Energy and Balance Emotions

One of the ancient Japanese therapy known as Jin Shin Jyutsu. It is a type of touch therapy. This therapy helps to balance the energy and emotions of a person. Basically it stimulates the meridians of the hand.

Each finger consists of map of reflexes in the nerve endings, which affect a meridian or course of energetic flow chart. Thus, these nerve endings or meridian refers to different organs of the body to which they are connected.
Principles of Hand Exercises
The finger is hold which is correlated to that part or organ of the body, which is to be cured or the emotion which is to be calmed.
The finger is hold for 3 – 5 minutes.
During this therapy, deep breathe is taken.

Hand Exercises to Boost Energy and Balance Emotions


The energy meridians along the index finger can be stimulated in order to enhance, improve or cure the functioning of kidney and bladder. The attitudes like fear, frustration & mental confusion are treated by this therapy, holding the index finger. Digestive problems one of the common problem that occurs in many of the people especially children, can also be treated by the index finger therapy.

Now a day’s tooth ache and gum issues are becoming very common, such type of diseases are cured by this simple method of therapy. Treatment of other physical symptoms like upper arm discomfort or back pain can be treated by this.


The meridian of the middle finger is also known as the heart constrictor, i.e. treats circulation problems. This energy meridian is used to help relieve migraine, frontal headaches. It is used for treatment of organs like liver and gallbladder. The eyesight problems that are increasing day by day can be lessened by this therapy. Menstrual problems in women that occur due to hormonal abnormalities can be cured by this therapy.

The emotions such as anger which causes the abnormal rise in blood pressure can be controlled by this middle finger therapy. Most of the attitudes like indecisiveness which leads to loss of confidence and confused mind, irritability can be treated by this.


The ring finger contains points related to triple burner or triple heater. The triple burner consists of three level of burning sensation at the abdominal cavity. The upper burner is above the diaphragm and includes lungs and heart. The middle burner is area above naval and includes the stomach and spleen. The lower burner consists of waste disposal and includes kidneys, liver and also the urinary tract. So this triple burner can be cured by this method. These triple burners usually occur due to digestive problem.

The respiratory issues like asthma can be treated by this therapy. The attitudes like fear, negativity sadness and grief are also controlled by this.


The little finger also known as pinky, controls the small intestine and heart meridian. It helps to control the blood pressure and many heart conditions. The sore throat can also be treated by this method. It helps to improve the attitudes like nervousness, dullness or insecurity etc. This therapy is also involved in controlling the nerve problems and problems related to abdomen like bloating.


If there is any problem in the stomach or spleen i.e. stomach pain, so the thumb is hold for 3-5 minutes and deep breathe is taken. As by doing this therapy, the meridian of thumb is affected and help to relieve the pain related to stomach.

Other symptoms which can be treated by holding the thumb are the headaches, mainly caused by depression, stress and worry. Some of the other problems like anxiety i.e. restlessness, nervousness and also skin problems can be cured by this thumb therapy.

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