The value of what you give

What is really valuable is not anything you get. What brings the greatest value to your life is what you give.

The investment of your time, effort, attention and caring, makes life rich. That richness comes not from the results you get, but from the degree to which you give.

Having the opportunity to give your love is far more valuable than having love directed toward you. If all the world loved you and you had nowhere to direct your own love, life would be unbearably empty.

So love, without expecting love to be returned. Give, not because of what you will get but because the giving itself is so fulfilling.

Take the fulfillment to an even higher level by encouraging and enabling others to give as well. Allow yourself to be loved, as a way for you to deepen your love for others, giving them the opportunity to love.

Live richly by giving the unique richness already inside you. Give of yourself, sincerely, continuously, and experience life from its most fulfilling perspective.

~ Ralph Marston, from The Daily Motivator

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