Color Therapy

Which is your favorite color?
Color therapy is a set of principles that are used to create a harmonious color that is used for healing. According to the principle of this therapy, color is energy. Color is one form of energy medicine based on the belief that the human body is composed of energy fields. Color therapy stimulates different centers in the brain and works on issues related to energy shortages that led to a number of physical and psychological responses in the body.
The color is best suited to treat the discomfort typical include the following:
Red. Radiating energy stimulation so it is recommended when you have little energy.

Yellow. This color radiates good feelings, excitement, confidence, and improve your self esteem. The yellow color is used effectively when you experience emotional instability and face their fears.

Green. Green is the color of a good antidote. The green color helps reshape your body’s cells and relax muscles, stimulate creativity, and release tension.

Blue. Because it has the effect of relaxing and soothing, blue color is ideal for women who experience insomnia or trouble sleeping problems, especially during pregnancy.

Purple. Acting as purifying the body, helping to remove toxins.
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