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Miracles happen every day, everywhere, and they can happen to anyone who believes enough to ask for one. Millions have been healed all over the world using alternative medicine or alternative healing methods, many of which are derived from ancient wisdom.

For a long time I created a list of family and friends who needed some form of assistance (health, healing, energy, strength, encouragement, faith, prosperity, work, ....) some I have included in my list because I knew they needed help and guidance, others include in the list when they asked me to pray for someone.
With this list I periodically do a special practice consisting essentially in prayer and healing energy (Energy of the Universe) ...

Healing Prayer it is a common way to communicate wishes, hopes, desires and any number of situations with a higher power. This is valid whether it's God, the Gods, Buddha, the highest self or even an inner child.
There is nothing more powerful than the healing power of prayer .

The human body is an energy system, imbalance on any level will ultimately manifest itself into the physical.
In its different forms, Energy Healing is defined as an aspect of alternative and complementary medicine. Energy medicine employs diverse methods to modify and manipulate the flow of energy within the body. The intent is to realign, replenish or stabilize the amount and the quality of energy within the human body.

Prayer and Energy Healing may focus on different aspects of healing. These include physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual.

Distant healing is just as powerful. In this healing work, the distance has no effect on the healing power.

I decided to expand this practice to those who want to enter this list, where people can request their ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing, not only toward a particular individual they care about, but for any and all people in need and desire for healing energy.

All I need from you is an email with your sincere healing request. Write what the issues or concerns you have that you would like to have improved with this energy healing. 
(These issues can include emotional pain, so called “diseases,” physical pain, relationship issues, money issues, or whatever you would like to see improve in your life)

Who am I?
I'm a shiningsoul like you, I'm a giver and a sender, who love helping others. I offer my time and free Prayers and Energy to heal your wounds.

Why are I'm doing it? 
Because for me it feels great to help others, there is a great joy  and learning in participating in such a project.

Events take place every day 13 of each month and/or other special day to announce.
If I realize someone of the list need an extra and individual session, I will do entirely free of charge.

I offer more 30 minutes of healing experience for your body, mind and spirit, entirely free of charge.

If you know someone who is lacking health, love, faith, self-confidence, relationships, projects and new ideas, prosperity, work,... in their life or simply needs an emotional lift, feel free to join the list of ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing.

When an event is open, write an email (Under no circumstances the email addresses be published) to the day before, and:

1. Put your name or the name of the person need help ( First & Last Name)  and

2. Tell (if you wish) where you live 

3. and/or your problem or the person need help.

If you for whatever reason change your mind write an email  with “I wan to sign out from the upcoming event from ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing

How to Receive Your ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing

What to do before  and while receiving ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing:
You can be doing your own stuff like every other day but it is best if you are very relaxed and free from emotional stress so the loving intention energy can flow freely through you. It is not best to receive your loving intent while you are highly emotional and/or are currently having negative or fearful thoughts.
If you do not believe in a higher universal power just acknowledge and accept the healing intent sent by the person who cares for you.

Do your day plan. It is all up to you what you decide to do while the day to receiving healing.
I suggest, in this day, you choose your favorite relaxing activity: read a book, listen music, cook a special meal, play with your children, go for a walk, get a massage, give a massage, take a nap, doing yoga, gardening etc.
You simply let go and allow Spirit to do the work.

What to do  after receiving ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing:
Check how you feel. Are you calm?
Did you feel something? If not that’s fine. Not sure about it? That’s fine too.
Whether you felt something or not share your experience with others. Tell what you were doing while receiving healing and how it felt.

What can you feel while receiving ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing?
Everybody’s different, it also depends how sensitive person you are.
You might feel warm sensation on different parts of your body, you might experience this cooling feeling coming from top of your head down on your shoulders or from your toes up to your knees, you might experience very calming feeling, you might find yourself totally relaxed and energized even though you felt angry and exhausted few minutes ago or you might feel nothing at all.

If you feel bad about receiving for nothing in return you can:
-Tell us about your experience. Write a comment below or Visit our page on Facebook or Google+ and put there your thoughts and feelings, you might inspire somebody else to try it too.
- Take a paper and pen and write down what all you feel grateful for - the air you breath, your friends, water supply in your town, the sunshine, the food, whatever you feel grateful for.
- Give free hugs and smiles.- Make a Donation to some association, school, OMG, someone need help...
- If you want support ShiningSoul you can contribute a donation if that's physically real enough for you. Your financial support will be used for extending this project. 

Do not stop taking your medicaments, ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing is not a substitute of your medicaments. 
ShiningSoul Prayer & Energy Healing shouldn’t replace western medicine, ideally both will work together. 
If you have even slightest doubts regarding receiving healing in combination with your current medical conditions ask your doctor first.

If you have questions you can email me HERE

Share Your Experience
What did you do before and during receiving healing?

How did you feel?

Make a comment. Tell your story.

Thank you for reading this, 
May the Light Shine Always on You...
                                                   Maria Arc


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