8 Fruit Benefits

Fruit helps maintain optimum health.
The nutrients in fruit are vital for health and maintenance of the body. 

Fruit are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate (folic acid).

Eating a diet rich in fruit may reduce risk for stroke, other cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes and may protect against certain cancers.

Down you can see the benefits of 8 fruits:

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September 24 New Moon Abundance Check / 24 Setembro Cheque da Abundância da Lua Nova

Each month, on the new moon, write a CHECK to create more abundance in your life.

This is a fantastic exercise to make a habit.

(Or feel free to print this article and use the check image)

Click Here for see the Steps to writing your New Moon Abundance Checks>>>

Writing your Monthly Abundance Checks and don't forget to expressing 
Gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Share with your friends and family and spread the ABUNDANCE!!!


Todos os meses, na lua nova, escreva um CHEQUE para criar mais abundância em sua vida. 

Este é um exercício fantástico para torná-lo um hábito.

(Ou fique à vontade para imprimir este artigo e usar a imagem do Cheque)

Clique AQUI para ver os Passos para preencher o seu Cheque  da Abundância da Lua Nova>>>

Preencha o seu Cheque da Abundância mensal e não se esqueça de expressar Gratidão pela abundância em sua vida.

Compartilhe com os seus amigos e família e espalhe a ABUNDÂNCIA!!!


Scrunch your face

Pills for Stress #3

Everybody has some level of stress in their lives.
The pressures make relaxing tricky at the best of times, causing all that stress to build up until it threatens to explode.
In periods of high stress, you need to have a plan that works for you, so try this suggestion:

1. Scrunch your face tightly for fifteen seconds, then release. 
2. Repeat several times. 

This facial exercise help to relax tense muscles, release stress, and helps release tension you're holding above the neck.


LIFE: Universal Responsibility

"Today more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal Responsibility, not only Nation to Nation and human to human, but also human to all other forms of life"
                                                                            ~ The Dalai Lama


VIDA: Responsabilidade Universal 
"Hoje, mais do que nunca, a vida deve ser caracterizada por um sentido de Responsabilidade Universal, não só  de Nação para Nação e humano para humano, mas também  de humano para todas as outras formas de vida"
                                                                            ~ The Dalai Lama



Photographs or other instruments can tell the difference between a supermoon and ordinary full moon. The supermoon of March 19, 2011 (right), compared to an average moon of December 20, 2010 (left). Image by Marco Langbroek of the Netherlands via Wikimedia Commons.
Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite and the second brightest object in the sky after the sun.
The moon’s gravity can cause small ebbs and flows in the continents called land tides or solid Earth tides. These are greatest during the full and new moons because the sun and moon are aligned on the same or opposite sides of the Earth.

Image and caption via NOAA. * a)
A full moon is the opposite of a new moon. At both the new and full phases, the moon is on a line with the Earth and sun. At new moon, the moon is in the middle position along the line. At full moon, Earth is in the middle. Full moon always comes about two weeks after new moon, when the moon is midway around in its orbit of Earth, as measured from one new moon to the next.
* a) About three or four times a year, the new or full moon coincides closely in time with the perigee of the moon—the point when the moon is closest to the Earth. These occurrences are often called ‘perigean spring tides.’ The difference between ‘perigean spring tide’ and normal tidal ranges for all areas of the coast is small. In most cases, the difference is only a couple of inches above normal spring tides. 

So, the moon is full, or opposite Earth from the sun, once each month. It’s new, or more or less between the Earth and sun, once each month.

Every month, as the moon orbits Earth, it comes closest to Earth - that point is called perigee.

The moon always swings farthest away once each month - that point is called apogee.

The astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term supermoon over 30 years ago. The term has only recently come into popular usage. 

Richard Nolle has defined a supermoon as:
… a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.

That’s a pretty generous definition and allows for many supermoons. By this definition, according to Nolle there are 4-6 supermoons a year on average.

In the year 2011 the media used the label "supermoon" to describe the full moon of March 19, 2011.and this label became familiar. 
On that date, the full moon aligned with proxigee – the closest perigee of the year – to stage the closest, largest full moon of 2011.

Supermoons are full moons that coincide with "lunar perigee," when the moon's orbit brings it closest to Earth. This moon appears bigger and brighter than a typical full moon.

Source: Wikipedia, http://earthsky.org, internet

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Health Recipes #1 ~ Sweet Green Almond

More one day of work and you need a lot of energy...

You want 4-5 servings of veggies and fruit, providing your body with the nutrients it needs to make you feel amazing?
So, start your day with this easier and delicious green smoothie:

Sweet Green Almond

"Makes 2 cups

2 handfuls spinach
1 cup red grapes

1 banana
2 tbsp almond butter
2 cups (500 ml) almond milk

* Combine all ingredients in blender and process until smooth. Serve immediately.

The key to making your green smoothies taste good is this:

1. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to cut the “bland” taste of greens, OR…

2. Add a few fruits to the mix to add a bit of sweetness.

Although I’m not a fan of overdoing the fruit, I think it’s a great option if you’re transitioning from a diet that is full of sugar and sweet foods.

Sure fruit is higher in sugar, but it still comes loaded with a tons of essential nutrients that your body needs to thrive.

And if you’re active and workout regularly, eating fruit is a great way to ensure that your muscles are fueled and ready so that you can have a great workout and recover faster afterwards."

Source: www.yurielkaim.com 


Feel the Love

"We are going to meditate. Come on. Come and do this meditation with me.
Sit somewhere cozy. Where you feel very comfortable.
Put on some music that you enjoy.
Close your eyes and breathe in deeply a few times.
Feel - you do not need to visualize anything at this stage - a light invading you. A pure light, a healing light.
When you feel light, cleansed, begin to think about all the good things that you have or have had in this life.
Those emotions and fantastic experiences which you have allowed yourself to have throughout life.
The best days.
The best nights.
Summon the energy of those people you have loved and continue to love in this life.
Even those who were not always good to you but whom you loved.
Even those that hurt you but whom you continued to love.
Summon the energy of all those people. And feel the love.
Feel the love you have for them.
Acknowledge that regardless of what has happened between you, they are here in your life to teach you how to love.
And to honor the love that is inside you.
They are in your life to show you that you have all that love there inside you to draw on.
So that you may love without expecting anything in return.
Rather than being something you use to barter, love is a blessing for those who feel it. For those that can feel it. Simply feel it.
Hold on to the energy of those people that are before you. And love.
That is all. Love, love, love.
And regardless of their response to your love, you will feel your energy changing vibration and ascending.
And when your chest is on the brink of bursting open because of all the love that it emanates, raise your conscience and come and show me your love.
For you can only love me if you love other men – or their souls – if you are able to love life.
Therefore, when your chest is almost bursting with the love you feel towards humanity, irrespective of the many flaws it has, you will immediately be loving me.
And loving yourself, for you are part of that immensely imperfect, yet magical race called humanity."  ~ JESUS

The Book of Light – Ask and Heaven Will Answer 
by Alexandra Solnado

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Runic Talismans

 Humankind has used signs and sigils for thousands of years to aid in communication, to record knowledge and in some cases to divine the future and evoke magic for purposes of protection and empowerment. 

TALISMAN is an object made by hand, any shape or material, loaded with magic to bring good luck, virtue, fertility, healing, protection and repelling negativity properties. Can be used as personal ornaments, decorations, etc.

RUNES are an alphabetic script used by the peoples of Northern Europe from the first century c.e. until well into the Middle Ages. 

The word "rune" actually means mystery, secret or whisper. However Runes are not only letters, but also magical symbols. 

Since ancient times runes were used for divination, to attract good fortune and to provide protection from various evil forces and events. Love, good luck, protection against evil etc. are as important today as they were centuries ago.

The ancient Runemasters used runes to ward off harm from the physical and psychic realms.
Runes are also highly energetic symbols that can be used for healing on many levels. 

"Each runic symbol contains an elemental force which corresponds to a god or natural power. Whether using runes for ritual magic, meditation or divination, the forces set in motion by runes are primal and highly effective." ~ Donald Tyson - The Truth about Runes

You can see some Runic Talismans to attract positive vibes, virtues, good luck, healing and protection away from negative influences and bad luck       

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